DIRECTOR: Stuart Margolin

STARS: James Garner (Marlowe), John Lithgow (Advs of Buckaroo Banzai), Margot Kidder (Heartaches, Dion Brothers), Paul Koslo (Welcome Home Soldier Boys), John Marley (Deathdream, Clay Pigeon), Stuart Margolin (Death Wish), Coleen Dewhurst

SYNOPSIS: James Garner and John Lithgow play two street-hardened detectives investigating a sleazy murder in Hollywood. In classic noir style Garner provides the world weary voiceover to this Neo Noir set in Hollywood and Los Angeles. A big shot film producer is shot and his body dumped in a seedy part of town. Garner and Lithgow catch the case and navigate the alternate universe of life in Hollywood: directors, actors, kiddie porn, drugs, etc. They slowly pick up clues that will lead them to the killer. Meanwhile, Lithgow is haunted by a previous case in which he found a young boy castrated by his own father. Quadruple threat Stuart Margolin (actor, director, producer, music) plays the dead man's nephew. Kidder shows up as a spunky actress who falls in bed with Garner. John Marley is great as their chief who's constantly screaming. And last but not least, genre fave Paul Koslo plays a porn filmmaker who sports Bee Gees facial hair and likes to roller skate! A recommended made-for-cable-TV drama with a pretty high dose of sleaze and sordid situations. Based on a book by former detective Joseph Wambaugh (The Onion Field, The Choirboys, Black Marble, etc).

*For more see:
The Delta Factor, Deadly Illusion, A Flash of Green, Slow Burn and Empty Beach

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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