DIRECTOR: Jerry Lewis (Nutty Professor, Big Mouth)

STARS: Jerry Lewis (Slapstick of Another Kind), Susan Oliver (Land of the Giants), Roger C. Carmel (Star Trek, The Telephone Book), Deanna Lund, Britt Leach (Outside Chance), Harold J. Stone, Steve Franken

SYNOPSIS: Jerry Lewis is jobless after the circus he works for, as a clown, goes out of business. He moves in with his sister, Susan Oliver, while he searches for new employment. Every job he gets hired for ends up in clumsy slapstick chaos! At a gas station he overfills the tanks, blows up tires and burns his hand. At a Japanese hibachi restaurant he wears giant buck teeth and glasses while tossing knives and food all over the table. As a nightclub DJ he knocks over stacks of records and daydreams about being Tony Manero in Saturday Night Fever (complete with white suit and dance moves). He finally settles in working at the post office and we see lots of gags involving his mail truck, mail sorting, eating donuts, uncooperative mailboxes and more. He even finds time to date blonde single mom Lund. This is late period Lewis — so, if you're a fan of silly films like Cracking Up and Slapstick of the Another Kind then you know what to expect. After his previous film The Day the Clown Cried was put on the shelf in 1972 Lewis didn't make a completed feature film until this one 8 years later. The dramatic parts are corny as hell, the product placement is shameless (Dunkin' Donuts!, Raisin Bran!) and the whole film looks like an episode of Love American Style. You'll either love it or hate it. Shot in Florida. Never released on dvd!

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