DIRECTOR: Ed De Priest (One Million AC/DC)

STARS: Alice Friedland, Colleen Brennan (Alice Goodbody), Marc Brock

SYNOPSIS: A woman pulls a scam on a horny old man wherein she has sex with him and then her "husband" catches them in bed. They argue and a fake gun is used to shoot the husband. The woman forces the mark to pay up or she'll go to the cops. Later the man realizes he's been scammed and hires slovenly, boozed-up, private dick to investigate. This leads to one sex scene after another that borders on hardcore. Two lesbians screw in a convertible and do poppers, outdoor sex, young girls with old men, blowjobs galore. The private dick (a failed actor) has sex while talking non-stop about the blackmail case and quoting famous movie lines! It's all played for laughs more than serious thrills. Good to see porn legend Colleen Brennan (Sulka's Daughter, Taboo III) as the ditzy, oversexed secretary of the investigator.

*For more see:
Swingers Massacre, Erotic Passion, Nathalie, Summer Heat / Corrupted, And When She Was Bad... and Erotic Three

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Love Games": $20.00

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