Martyn Burke

STARS: Lee Majors (Steel), Burgess Meredith (Clay Pigeon, Hard Contract), Chris Makepeace (Savage Hunger)

If you were a teen back in the early 80's you probably have fond memories of watching this harmless slice of Sci-Fi / action on cable television. In the future after an oil shortage hits (along with a crippling plague) the US government decides to outlaw all personal vehicles and pretty much anything that runs on gas. It's all public transport or bicycles. This doesn't sit well with former race car driver Lee Majors. He finally breaks down and takes his bitchin' red Porsche out for a rebellious spin. He heard that in California they've declared themselves a "free state" and folks can rip up the asphalt all they want. The only problem? - He lives in Boston! What follows is a futuristic cross country chase between Lee's car and a jet plane flown by nutty Nam vet Burgess Meredith (working for the government). Along the way Lee is joined by nerdy computer hacker Chris Makepeace (fresh off My Bodyguard). It's kind of like Logan's Run meets Fahrenheit 451 with a little Death Race 2000 mixed in (minus the blood & boobs).

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "The Last Chase" : $20.00

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