(aka Auntie)


DIRECTOR: Derek Ford (Urge to Kill, Groupie Girl)

STARS: Mark Jones (Girl From Starship Venus, Medusa Touch), Sue Longhurst (Come Play with Me), Linda Regan

SYNOPSIS: A British man must dress in drag in order to run the brothel he's inherited. A struggling actor finds out from his lawyer that his aunt has died and left a huge mansion to him. The surprise is that the place is actually brothel full of beautiful women. One women (the amazingly sexy Sue Longhurst) becomes his confidant and helps him dress up in drag like an old "Auntie" so he can continue to manage the girls and the business. He beds down Longhurst more than a few times. But the other girls, thinking that he's a woman, have no trouble getting naked in front of him and talking about girly things. This drives him crazy with lust and he starts using his acting skills to put on costumes as different characters (a cowboy, a war veteran, etc) and show up as a "customer" so he can screw the other girls as well! Plus you get the usual assortment of funny over-the-top characters who show up for a lay at the too good to be true whorehouse. It's all very silly and harmless in a British sort of way.

Note: onscreen title is "Auntie"

*For more see:
Groupie Girl, The Touchables and Keyholes are For Peeping

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front art)

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