(1971 / 1972)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Honky: William Graham (Mr Inside - Mr Outside, Cry for Me Billy) / Miss Melody Jones: Bill Brame (Cycle Savages, Free Grass)

STARS: Honky: Brenda Sykes (Pretty Maids all in a Row, Black Gunn), John Neilson, William Marshall (Blacula, Great Skycopter Rescue), Maia Danzinger, Lincoln Kilpatrick, Matt Clark (Ruckus, An Eye for an Eye), Marion Ross / Miss Melody Jones: Philomena Nowlin, Peter Jacob, Ronald Warden

SYNOPSIS: Two 70's era black drama rarities

Honky: Very much of it's time interracial love drama. White, shy boy, John Neilson and beautiful black free spirit Brenda Sykes (who has a topless scene) meet at a high school function. They hit it off, and hit the road, looking for freedom, love and a buyer for their kilo of grass! Along the way they meet a variety of people who each have their own way of treating the black and white couple. Ultimately, they run into a pair of creepy, racist, rednecks who threaten to turn things ugly. Solid drama with a real 70's sensibility. Music by Quincy Jones.

Miss Melody Jones: Unintentionally funny, low-budget wonder. The not-ready-for-camera Philomena Nowlin stars as an eager wannabe actress and singer who goes to Hollywood in search of her dream. Along the way she ends up working in a porno, meeting creepy showbiz types, burlesque dancing and eventually hooking up with a nice (boring) guy. Nonetheless the film is a watchable curiosity piece that does have it's supporters.

BONUS: Original theatrical trailers for both films

PLEASE NOTE: You may see various 70's Blaxploitation films for sale on dvd under a label called "BLAX". All I can say is buyer beware. I have purchased a few of these and they looked like they were taped from cable television. One even had a station logo in the corner! This is not the case with our version of the film.

*For more see: Tough / The Bus is Coming, Blackjack and Darktown Strutters

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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