DIRECTOR: Ferd Sebastian ( Private School, On the Air Live with Captain Midnight)

STARS: Misty Rowe (Goodbye Norma Jean), Lindy Avery, Tammy Gibbs, Norman Klar

SYNOPSIS: The Sebastians put together a real sexploitation winner with this tale of horny thieving hitchhikers. The quality of filmmaking is way above average for this kind of fare! 70's sexpot Misty Rowe (in her first film) stars as a wandering hippy who gets knocked up by her no-good boyfriend and leaves town. She learns about life on the road the hard way after first being ripped off by a fellow hitchhiker and later raped by a greasy truck driver. A Charles Manson knock-off named "Benson" comes along and saves her as she's evading a store clerk after some shoplifting. He brings her back to his little commune on an old Western set (ala "Spahn's Ranch"). Misty gets into a vicious catfight with the girl who robbed her and she's injured. Later, Benson kidnaps a doctor and makes him perform an illegal abortion on Misty. After she recovers the gang introduces her to their lifestyle which consists of the scantily clad (short shorts, go-go boots, revealing tops) girls hitchhiking on country roads. When the victim stops, someone pulls out a gun and robs them blind. Sometimes they even steal their cars. Benson's dream is to get enough money for an old school bus and bring his operation to Los Angeles. The soundtrack is filled with original pop songs made for the film. Packed with nudity, violence and laughs. Recommended.

*For more fun see: Gator Bait, Blue Summer, Diary of a Teenage Hitchhiker, And When She Was Bad and Patricia

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "The Hitchhikers" : $20.00

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