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Double Feature




(1984 / 1985)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

DIRECTOR: Heavenly Bodies: Lawrence Dane / Pulsebeat: Maurice Tobias

STARS: Heavenly Bodies: Cynthia Dale, Richard Rebiere, Laura Henry / Pulsebeat: Daniel Greene, Alice Moore, Lee Taylor Allan, Peter Lupus

SYNOPSIS: Two workout obsessed 80's cult films

Heavenly Bodies: Once Flashdance was a big hit it was inevitable that imitators and rip-offs would follow. This film has garnered a bit of a cult around it's dated and campy styles. A cute young fitness instructor (Cynthia Dale) and a few friends lease a gym and want to turn it into the place to be for aerobics lovers. Unfortunately, a competing gym snatches the space from them before they can buy it. She proposes a contest between her "crew" and the other gym. An Aerobics Dance-Off! The winner gets the deed to the building. The ending is They Shoot Horses Don't They?...with pastel colored leotards! Jam-packed with music, dancing, 80's fashion and a little romance. There's even a Flashdance inspired scene where the main girl does an improvised dance all alone in an empty television studio. It's not aggressively campy (like the film below) but it is dated and funny.

Pulsebeat: In a similar storyline to the above film we have a fitness club ("Pulsebeat") owner who is danger of losing his business to a rival gym. The one saving grace may be entering the annual "Aerobithon" and getting some good press coverage. This contest consists of jogging, weight lifting, stationary bike and of course aerobics. The latter of which is done on a stage with a live audience cheering them on. Unlike Heavenly Bodies this one is R-rated and takes time for plenty of female nudity, a naked massage and a few sex scenes (including an after-hours one on a weight machine!). Every scene has an array of eye-popping neon fashions. All the men are bulging with muscles and the women are scantily dressed hardbodies. Anyone overweight, nerdy or old are strictly in the film as comic relief. For some bizarre reason Mission: Impossible star Peter Lupus shows up late in the film to help our hero with his workout! Later he's seen sitting home, alone on his couch, listening to the "Aerobithon" on his fucking radio.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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