( aka Polk County Pot Plane )



(1977 / 1975)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

In Hot Pursuit: Jim West / Truckers Woman: Will Zens (Hot Summer in Barefoot County)

STARS: In Hot Pursuit: Don Watson, Bobby Watson, Paul Benefield / Truckers Woman: Michael Hawkins, Mary Cannon, Doodles Weaver (Doodles Lover Diary), Sid Rancer, Larry Drake (Dr. Giggles)

SYNOPSIS: Two Southern fried, drive-in, car chase action films.

In Hot Pursuit: This one is pure regional filmmaking at it's... best(?). This one falls more in the so-bad-it's-good camp. Made by, and starring, a cast of unknowns. This oddity can be enjoyed with the knowledge that in the end credits it's proudly revealed that "No stunt men were used in this film". For a movie packed with stunts, chases and action that is impressive. Our two heroes are "Oosh" and "Doosh" played by the real life Watson brothers. They're sort of like a long-haired redneck version of Cheech & Chong. That is if Cheech & Chong had heavy Southern accents, ran cops off the road, hung from the landing gear of a flyer helicopter, drove through a house and made a successful prison break! The plot is fast and loose with our boys getting caught during a large drug haul, ending up in jail, breaking out, trying another drug haul, robbing a safe, getting into a multi-county "Smokey and the Bandit"-style chase with cops, etc, etc. It's a guilty pleasure for sure but it's never dull. Fans of Gone in 60 Seconds-style mayhem will love it.

Truckers Woman: Independent truckers battle mob corruption in this low budget take on White Line Fever. The perfect double bill for In Hot Pursuit as the locations, budget and acting all mimic that film. While not as jam packed with stunts, as Pursuit, it makes up for it in sheer bad film hilarity. The film starts out with a truck driver losing control of his rig and crashing to his death. Mike Hawkins (Christian Slater's real life father!) stars as "Mike Kelly" the dead driver's son. He decides to take over his father's job at the trucking company. Now, Mike is a sort of a Southern redneck version of Shaft. All the ladies turn to mush at his slightest corny one-liner. Or maybe it's his all-white outfit that drives him crazy. Or maybe it's his near date-rape actions that they can't resist. At one point a friend tells him to "keep his zipper up!". At any rate, with the help of a mumbling Doodles Weaver, Mike starts investigating the death of his father, corruption at the trucking company and the panties of the local crime boss' daughter! The supporting cast ranges from the aforementioned Doodles to a young, and scary looking, Larry Drake as "Diesel Joe" as well as a few local gals willing to show some rear nudity or one bared breast. It's all done with a background of music that goes from western/trucker songs to lounge singers (at "The Flaming Pit") to cheesy dramatic music during a shoot-out. Hilarious.

Note: You can find these films on Amazon in poor quality pixelated versions. Our copies are not remastered but they are well ahead of the competition!

*For more action see: Fast Money, Moonrunners, Herowork, Speedtrap / Car Crash, Sno-Line, Kiss My Grits and Hotwire

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above left image is the front cover art)

Buy "In Hot Pursuit / Trucker's Woman" : $30.00

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