(aka Ogon Batto)


Hajime Sato

STARS: Sonny Chiba (Street Fighter, Kill Bill), Hirohisa Nikata

SYNOPSIS: Here's the coolest film to come down the pike in some time and it was made back in 1966! Sonny Chiba is the human hero who heads up a group of silver jumpsuit, space-agey, scientist, adventurer types. They have a lab, spaceships, cool gadgets. Their job is to protect the Earth (or at least Japan) by watching the skies for bad aliens. Well, a whole shipload turns up. Including the leader: a 4-eyed monster w/ a clamp-claw hand, a "Wolverine"-looking dude, a disfigured guy and a hot chick who can shape-change. At any rate, our heroes accidentally re-animate the amazing "Golden Bat" (who was quietly sleeping in a coffin!). He has a long cape, a cane that shoots lasers and the most insane, maniacal, echoing laugh ever heard. And he's a good guy! He turns up whenever the force gets in trouble. I don't even have room to talk about the ninja guys, flying rubber bats, a meteor threatening to destroy Japan and more. Very cool. In spoken Japanese with English Subtitles. WIDESCREEN!

BONUS: Two original Japanese theatrical trailers.

*For more see: ESPY, Kilink Istanbul Da, Demir Pence, Dracula (animated), Killing of Satan, Superargo vs Diabolicus and 3 Dev Adam

Widescreen / Black & White

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

GREEN dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Golden Bat" : $20.00

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