Double Feature


( aka Third Degree Burn )



(1989 / 1986)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

3rd Degree Burn: Robert Spottiswoode (Terror Train, Shoot to Kill) / Slow Burn: Matthew Chapman (Stranger's Kiss, Heart of Midnight)

STARS: 3rd Degree Burn: Treat Williams (Prince of the City), Virginia Madsen (Electric Dreams), Richard Masur (The Thing), CCH Pounder / Slow Burn: Eric Roberts (The Ambulance), Beverly D'Angelo, Dennis Lipscomb (Eyes of Fire, Retribution), Raymond J Barry (Headless Body in Topless Bar), Emily Longstreth (Wired to Kill), Dan Hedaya (Blood Simple, Night of the Juggler), Johnny Depp, Henry Gibson, Edward Bunker (Reservoir Dogs)

SYNOPSIS: Two made-for-cable Neo Noir films from the 1980's.

3rd Degree Burn: Treat Williams plays an ex-cop turned private eye who makes money catching cheating spouses. He's hired by extra sleazy Richard Masur to watch his young sexpot wife (Virginia Madsen). Before long Williams falls in bed with her and the rich husband ends up dead with Williams the main suspect. The film has some steamy sex scenes, a little violence and a jazzy score. Williams and Madsen both put in nice performances. It's a classic noir plot filmed in Arizona. A year later Madsen would up the noir ante in Dennis Hopper's The Hot Spot.

Slow Burn: Eric Roberts plays an ex-reporter who gets hired by an odd artist (Barry) to find his ex-wife and son (D'Angelo and Depp) in Palm Springs. Blackmail, kidnapping, dead bodies and double crosses figure in the plot. Along the way Roberts has to deal with an inefficient cop (Lipscomb), a teenage cockteaser (Longstreth) and a hothead husband (Hedaya). Roberts gives an entertainingly offbeat performance as the ethically good, but troubled, hero. Dennis Lipscomb steals all the scenes he's in. Johnny Depp has a very small role. Cult figure Edward Bunker even shows up as D'Angelo's houseboy!

*For more see: Cat Chaser, Date with Death, Exposure, Private Investigations, Fever, The Wrong Man and The Heatwave Lasted Four Days

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "3rd Degree Burn / Slow Burn" : $30.00

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