(aka Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind)


DIRECTOR: Tsui Hark (Peking Opera Blues, Time and Tide)

STARS: Chen Chi Lin, Tin Sang Lung, Paul Che, Lieh Lo

SYNOPSIS: Hong Kong legend Tsui Hark really entertains in this wild ride from 1980. An intense young girl, who is drawn to violence and anarchy, witnesses a group of three nerdy kids accidentally killing a homeless person with their car. She then blackmails them into helping her create chaos by planting bombs, hijacking a bus full of tourists and more! She play with guns, puts a cigarette out on an aggressive teen's balls and tries to set people on fire. During their crime spree they accidentally steal a briefcase with sensitive government documents. Some hardcore American soldiers of fortune track the kids down for a bloody nihilistic finale in a graveyard. This film is fast paced, tightly edited and utterly unpredictable. It's the kind of film where any character might be killed off at any time. It mixes exploitation, comedy, espionage, suspense, crime and John Woo-style shoot-outs. Martial arts / Shaw Brothers vet Lieh Lo (Five Fingers of Death, 36th Chamber of Shaolin) is memorable playing a tough cop and the disturbed teen girl's older brother. Highly recommended. Warning: A few brief scenes of animal abuse in this one. English dubbed version. WIDESCREEN

Note: onscreen title is "Dangerous Encounters of the 1st Kind"

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Widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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