( aka Il Cugino Americano )


Giacomo Battiato (Hearts and Armour)

STARS: Brad Davis (Midnight Express), Tony Lo Bianco (The Honeymoon Killers, Mr Inside - Mr Outside), Vincent Spano (Alphabet City), Barbara De Rossi, Michael Gazzo (Fingers), Joe Spinell (One Man Jury, Maniac), Maria Conchito Alonso (Running Man)

SYNOPSIS: Two New York Mafia goons kidnap Michael Gazzo so they can force his son (Davis) to go to Italy and kill a judge (Lo Bianco). The reason they choose Davis is because Lo Bianco is his cousin and he can easily get access to him. The job was ordered by a young drug kingpin (Spano channelling Pacino's "Tony Montana") who wants Lo Bianco dead. Initially it looks like Davis will go through with the assassination but he just can't kill his blood relative "cugino". Instead the two men hatch a plot to trick Spano and expose him. This film leans more towards Gomorrah than The Godfather with the bulk of the story taking place in the shittier areas of Italy's back alleys, empty warehouses and beaches. A good amount of handheld camerawork adds to the realism. All the actors are fine with Spano getting as much screen time as top billed Davis. Genre fave Joe Spinell turns up in a small role as one of the New York kidnappers. Originally made for Italian television which is surprising as it contains some bloody violence, nudity and all of the main cast speak English (not dubbed).

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free / Code Free NTSC dvd-R

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