Will Zens (Truckers Woman)

STARS: Vince Edwards (Sno-Line), Richard Jaeckel (Speedtrap), Tony Dale, Charles Dierkop (Angels Hard as They Come, Code Name: Zebra), Robert Tessier (Steel), Don Dubbins (The Hoax)

SYNOPSIS: A traveling music band gets mixed up with drug dealers in North Carolina. Richard Jaeckel as "Charles Dale" commands a no-nonsense undercover unit dedicated to busting drug runners. His big rival is respected businessman "Frank Lane" (Vince Edwards) who also runs a cocaine empire. In the middle of this war is an amateur country western band ("The Doug Davis Show") driving their tour bus to play southern dive bars and BBQ picnics. Edward hatches a plan to financially back the band while secretly transporting drugs on their bus in the hopes that cops won't suspect or stop them. Edward's right-hand man is genre regular Charles Dierkop. He's so inept at his job it's almost a running joke. Whenever Edwards gives him a task he screws it up and just keeps saying: "No problem, Mr. Lane! It's all taken care of. Don't you worry!" The band members are a little bland but all the acting vets mentioned above will keep your interest. You'll also see big Robert Tessier (Starcrash, Hooper) as one of Edward's henchman who becomes obsessed with killing the band's singer. His demise is memorable. There are fight scenes, shoot-outs, boat chases and Smokey and the Bandit style car chases. Edward starred in this film the same year he did the somewhat similar Sno-Line.

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Sno-Line, Fast Money and The Big Score

Fullscreen / Color

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