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DISCO 9000

( aka Fass Black )



(1977 / 1981)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

Disco 9000: D'Urville Martin (Dolemite) / Getting Over: Bernie Rollins

STARS: Disco 9000: John Poole, Jeannie Bell (TNT Jackson), Harold Nicholas / Getting Over: John Daniels (Black Shampoo, Bare Knuckles), Gwen Briscoe, Floyd "Wildcat" Chatman, Sheila Dean, Buzz Cooper, Don Edmonds

SYNOPSIS: Two music themed black cast rarities.

Disco 9000: John Poole gives an ultra-cool performance as "Fass Black" the owner of the hottest disco club in LA - the Disco 9000. He runs the hot spot which plays music from his own record label. A sleazy mafia type confronts Fass and wants his music played at the club too. He tells him "Thanks, but no thanks" and a series of violent intimidation tactics, designed to make Fass give in, begins. He's ultimately a pretty laid back guy and uses brains to outwit the mob goon instead of muscle. Lots of music, disco dancing and 70's fashion on display. I was shocked by how much John Poole looks, acts and sounds like Samuel L. Jackson! Harold Nicholas (of the famous dancing Nicholas Brothers) gives a memorably funny performance as Fass' right hand man. The Little Rascals "Stymie" appears as an old friend helping Fass but you hardly get a good glimpse at him. This one is rated PG so don't expect any explicit violence or nudity.

Getting Over: Entertaining light drama about trying to make it in the corrupt music industry. Likable actor John Daniels has a rare dramatic role, with some comedy, as a struggling music producer. He has a quartet of woman who sing and dance but can't get a record contract. Daniels is so fed up that he starts his own music label…."Impossible Funky". At the same time a racist CEO at a huge music corporation wants to get an African American on his payroll so the civil rights folks will get off his back. Daniels "I/F" company is signed under the larger corporation but with no intention of releasing his music. Meanwhile, Daniels builds up his group by adding 3 more girls and naming them "Love Machine". Some of the girls have scenes where they sing and dance. In a nice touch as the songs starts it fades into a dreamlike (MTV style) music video. Then back to reality at the end. Many of the songs in Getting Over are played in full - a rarity for any movie. There are double-crosses with the villain CEO, a clash with a Motown-like label called "CarCity" and a love interest for Daniels. The finale is a talent contest where TV viewers call in and vote for the their favorites performers (about 20+ years before American Idol). Their biggest challenger is a funny Rick James spoof named "Deaf Jeff Marvelous". Don Edmonds, the director of Bare Knuckles (with Daniels) and Ilsa: Harem Keeper, plays a stereotypical 70's mafia goon. There's no nudity, violence or car chases. But the story is strong enough, and the music good enough, that it turned out to be a real sleeper!

*For more see: Blackjack, Bare Knuckles, Zebra Killer and Big Score / Godchildren

Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Disco 9000 / Getting Over" : $30.00

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