(aka Fife la Plume)


DIRECTOR: Albert Lamorisse (The Red Balloon, White Mane)

STARS: Philippe Avron (Birds, Orphans & Fools), Mireille Nègre, Henri Lambert, Paule Noëlle

SYNOPSIS: Almost 10 years after his all-time classic film The Red Balloon, director Albert Lamorisse made this whimsical rarity. A smalltime cat burglar, Fifi, is caught in an act of theft by a surprised homeowner. He escapes by hiding in the tent of a small traveling circus. The performer who does the winged flying act for the troupe dies from a fall and the owner convinces Fifi to take his job. It's quite extreme as the large angel-like wings are surgically attached (offscreen) to his back! At first he struggles to control this amazing invention but soon he's sailing high above trees and houses. Fifi instantly falls in love with the beautiful woman who performs the trick horse riding. Unfortunately, the muscular lion tamer is also courting her. She loves fancy clocks and the two men shower her with every style and design they can find. This leads to a big fight scene where all the clocks are thrown, smashed and destroyed. In his spare time Fifi flies around and still commits some petty theft. He also helps out a variety of people who think he's really an angel. It's filled with silly humor, slapstick, chase scenes and PG rated kissing. The flying scenes are surprisingly well done. No CGI of course but there isn't any rear projection either. That's really the actor (or stuntman) up in the air flying by wires. English dubbed version.

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Fullscreen / Black & White

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Circus Angel" : $20.00

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