FYRE dvd


DIRECTOR: Richard Grand

STARS: Lynn Theel (Humanoids From the Deep, Without Warning), Tom Baker (Angels Die Hard), Allen Garfield (Cry Uncle, The Conversation), Donna Wilkes (Schizoid, Angel), Frank Sivero (The Godfather: Part II, Fighting Back), Bruce Kirby

SYNOPSIS: Teenage virgin (Theel) is raped by two men who harass her and her date at the drive-in. Within days of her assault she becomes an orphan and ends up working as a prostitute in late 1970's Los Angeles. When she's not screwing for cash she sings in a local nightclub. That's where she meets her rugged new boyfriend (Baker). After beating up the crooked nightclub owner and grabbing some cash that was owed to Theel, he ends up doing a short stint in prison. Once he gets out of jail the film then splits its time between Theel's streetwalker drama and Baker's criminal endeavors. Theel doesn't leave much of an impression so it's nice to have scene stealers Allan Garfield and Frank Sivero show up as Baker's criminal pals. Garfield is a con artist street preacher and Sivero is his flunky. They hatch a plan to steal drugs from a local dealer. Before they show up the dealer is in bed with two young whores who are topless, snorting coke and having some lesbian fun. One girl is played by future Angel star Wilkes who leaves a memorable impression! There are a number of original songs on the soundtrack, a fun lengthy disco scene and lots of drug use. Location footage of Los Angeles (circa 1979) is pretty cool with porn shops and theaters as well as billboards for Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Despite the "Private Screenings"-style vhs artwork (above) it's closer in tone to the aforementioned Angel films and Vice Squad.

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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