Double Feature


(aka Ölüler Konusmazki)



(aka Aska Susayanlar: Seks ve Cinayet)

(1970 / 1972)

(Double Feature on one DVD)

DIRECTOR: The Dead Don't Talk: Yavuz Yalinkiliç (Super Adam Istanbul'Da) / Thirsty: Mehmet Aslan (Tarkan and the Blood of the Vikings)

STARS: The Dead Don't Talk: Aytekin Akkaya (3 Dev Adam), Giray Alpan (Kilink vs Frankenstein), Sirri Elitas / Thirsty: Meral Zeren, Kadir Inanir, Yildirim Vencer (Kilink: Strip & Kill), Eva Bender


The Dead Don't Talk: Haunted house chills — Turkish style. In this black & white rarity a young couple stay at the world's worst bed and breakfast. The caretaker is clearly insane and a zombie / ghoul figure chases the duo around all night before killing them. A few days later a young woman arrives in town to work as a schoolteacher. She stays at the haunted house and has a few run-ins with the monster as well. The ghoul stumbles around, throws his hands in the air and loves to laugh maniacally…a lot. She befriends a local hunter and his friends who help her out when she's in trouble. Eventually the heroes have to read some religious text to get rid of the undead pest. The Dead Don't Talk has lots of shadowy walks in the night, screaming damsels in nightgowns, dead bodies, grave robbers and thunderstorms. At just a little over one hour this feature moves along quickly with the last 30 minutes being all horror action. Unlike a lot of Turkish films this one is competently made despite its low budget. In spoken Turkish with English subtitles. Running time: 1hr 16mins

Thirsty for Love, Sex and Murder: Believe it or not, this time around it's the Italian "Giallo" genre that gets a Turkish makeover. A young woman gets a ride from a stranger and is soon running for her life in the woods. The killer wears mirrored sunglasses, a black coat, hat and gloves while wielding a straight razor. Cornered, the poor girl claims she is a virgin and begins to disrobe out of fear. The ruthless figure slashes her nude body to death. Next we meet our heroine "Mine" (Zeren) who wears the latest fashions and is one of the sexiest actresses you're likely to see in Turkish exploitation. She suffers from flashbacks and nightmares due to a traumatic assault. The killer keeps terrorizing Mine while killing more unlucky victims. Her impotent husband, a creepy occult fan and a hard nosed cop all figure into the plot. It's all very entertaining with some surprising nudity and violence. The late 60's / early 70's outfits and hairdos are great — lots of garish colors. The music is fun too with your typical Giallo style score. A loose remake of 1971's The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh. One of my favorite Turkish films — recommended. In spoken Turkish with English subtitles. Running Time: 1hr

Bonus: Original Turkish film trailers

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Fullscreen (both films)
The Dead Don't Talk: Black & White
Thirsty…: Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Dead Don't Talk / Thirsty…" : $20.00

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