VHS_public_access Two Disc Set


COLIN'S SLEAZY FRIENDS (Mid to late 90's)




(Almost 4hrs on Two DVDs)

SYNOPSIS: Four "Public Access" rarities from cable TV circa 1990's.

Disc 1:
Bummer Patrol: This cable access rarity is one-of-a-kind. The set-up is that two men nicknamed "Egghead" and "Bigfoot" work for a rehab center in NYC. They drive around in the middle of the night in a beat up van looking for folks who need their help while a cameraman documents their efforts. Egghead is a very midwestern looking guy with a cowboy hat. Bigfoot looks like a cross between the main character in Combat Shock and director Abel Ferrara: long greasy hair, bad skin and vacant eyes. Inside the van there's a spinning police-style light, a small amp connected to a microphone and lots of garbage and drugs. Bigfoot uses the mic to rant endlessly about the people on the street, his life and drugs. Over the course of this program he consumes acid, cough syrup, weed, booze, whippits and huffs butter flavored Pam! During some of the drug taking there's weird visuals and music. Other players that come into the van include a confused soldier and two wasted hookers. It seems to be mostly a put-on ala Andy Kaufman but there are real people who wander in occasionally. They visit the filthiest fast food joints including a drive-through KFC, Burger King and a place called "Hot Wok". The areas in NYC they go to look like bombed out cities in a Third World country. It's hilarious and you've never seen anything quite like it. Multiple shows (7-8mins each) / 1hr total (Note: the opening credits for each segment have purposeful video noise and distortion. This is not a defect.)

Colin's Sleazy Friends: Special guests Max Hardcore & Barbie Angel. Colin and his co-host Dino had a wild rock-n-roll attitude on their cable access show where they interviewed porn stars, musicians and celebrities from the mid to late 1990's. In this episode the porn world's most dangerous man Max Hardcore gives his philosophy on women, adult movies and life. His newest star Barbie Angel shows up to flash a smile and some skin. 1 show / 30mins

Art Fein's Poker Party: Special guest Timothy Carey. Art Fein was a mainstay on Los Angeles public access television as he interviewed hundreds of guests over the years. Mostly musicians like Joe Strummer, Screaming Jay Hawkins, The Stray Cats, Brian Wilson, The Blasters, etc. But could anyone be as wild, unpredictable and funny as Timothy Carey (Head, Giant, The Killing)? Probably not, but he's also surprisingly open and has great stories to tell. He talks about his career and films and clips from his opus The World's Greatest Sinner are shown. This is the full uncut version of the show. (aka Lil' Art Fein's Poker Party) 1 show / 25mins

Disc 2:
Life Without Shame: This Rochester, NY public access show is very East Coast with the two hosts looking and sounding like a sleazy version of The Jersey Shore characters. The first episode is: The Best of Life Without Shame which includes lots of strip club footage and interviews with the girls. Plus "Fred the Elephant Boy" (from the Howard Stern show), homeless bums, weightlifters, John Wayne Bobbitt, a visit to New Orleans and interviews at a porn convention including director Bruce Seven and Alicia Rio. The second episode is Porn with Stars 1998, Part 2 as the boys visit adult film conventions and interview such late 90's performers as, Vixxxen, Tabitha Stevens, Johnni Black, Jasmin St Claire, etc. But the wildest interview is with the do-anything sex girl Mila. You also get quick clips with Russ Myer and Al Goldstein. 2 shows / 2hrs

*For more see:
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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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