(aka Il Mondo Porno di due Sorelle)


DIRECTOR: Franco Rossetti (The Dirty Outlaws, The Rage Within)

STARS: Sherry Buchanan (Zombie Holocaust aka Dr. Butcher M.D., Last House on the Beach), Paola Montenegro (The Other Hell), Marina Hedman

SYNOPSIS: Sherry Buchanan is absolutely stunning with her fine features and petite frame in the title role of "Emanuelle". Her twin sister is a tough short-haired brunette named "Giovanna" (or in the American version "Joanna"). The plot starts off when Emanuelle's oversexed mother is worried about Giovanna and asks her sister to track her down. It turns out that Giovanna is running a high-end brothel that caters to the more extreme aspects of sexuality. It's there that Emanuelle witnesses an adult baby, fisting, whippings, group sex, femdom, toilet fetish, voyeurism and more. Her sister explains that she realized long ago her sadmasochistic desires as she loves to both give and receive pain. Meanwhile, Emanuelle is in a loveless marriage with a cold husband who bends her over a table to be screwed after he arrives late at their anniversary party! She seeks comfort in the arms of a young man who reminds her of a high school crush. Ultimately, Emanuelle suffers a gang rape, gets revenge on her cheating husband and strengthens her bond with her twin sister whom, at first, she thought she was so different from. Packed with sex scenes, full frontal nudity, hairy 70's era bushes and even a few floppy dicks (for the ladies).

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Emanuelle and Joanna" : $20.00

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