(2 Programs on 1 DVD)

DIRECTOR: Best Chest in the West: Bill Raymond / Miss Casino Comedy Show: Rick Watson

STARS: Best Chest in the West: Dick Shawn (Young Warriors, Good-Bye Cruel World), Pat McCormick (If You Don't Stop…), Avery Schreiber, Carol Wayne, Michelle Bauer (In Search of the Perfect 10), Raven De La Croix, Candy Samples / Miss Casino Comedy Show: Ruth Buzzi, The Unknown Comic / Murray Langston (Night Patrol), Bill Saluga, Gary Owens, Chuck McCann (Lunch Wagon), Forrest Tucker (Thunder Run), Larry Storch, Carol Wayne, Leslee Bremmer

SYNOPSIS: Two vintage cable TV specials with lots of corny laughs and sexy girls.

Best Chest in the West: Back in the 1980's, late night cable TV always had some T&A / comedy special like Best Chest in the West on their schedule. This one is set up as a beauty contest in a nightclub as various women compete for the title prize. Categories are small, medium and large! Dick Shawn is the host telling bad jokes and double entendres before introducing the girls. The judges are big Pat McCormick, goofy Avery Schreiber and busty Carol Wayne. The girls each get a chance to show their stuff dancing and gyrating before a happy crowd until a winner is chosen. East Coast BCIW winner Raven De La Croix does an exotic dance. In the crowd are some "celebrities"— lookalikes for Woody Allen, Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds (porn star Sasha Gabor). Look quick for another adult performer, Michelle Bauer, as a contestant in the "medium" category (spoiler alert: she doesn't win!). Running time: 1hr

Miss Casino Comedy Show: This one is much more skit driven with Saluga, Buzzi and Langston checking into a Las Vegas hotel and crossing paths; sometimes as themselves and occasionally as one of their alter egos (e.g. The Unknown Comic). If you're too young to know, or too old to remember, Bill Saluga is the comedian who built an entire career on his bit: "You can call me Ray. Or you can call me Jay. Or you can call me Johnny…". In this video he's top-billed and plays a variety of characters. If you like corny, burlesque style humor you should get a kick out of this video (I did). The centerpiece is a beauty contest where workers from various casinos compete in bikinis. Gary Owens, showing some surprising comedic chops, is the host and the Unknown Comic goofs around with each of the bewildered women. These girls are not models or fakes but the real deal, circa 1984, casino workers! ("It's Jeannie Pursel from the Golden Slipper!"; "Elaine Brown from the Imperial Palace!") Chuck McCann shows up to help with some of the fun. It was all shot at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. Running time: 45 mins

Two shows on
one dvd

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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