( aka Trouble in Paris )


DIRECTOR: Andrei Feher (Call Girl, Swedish Confessions)

STARS: Marie Bergman, Dominique St. Clair (Tale of Tiffany Lust, Sweet Young Girls), Bjorn Martinsson

SYNOPSIS: Nymphomaniac Swedes Barbro and Ulla have energetic sex with their husbands during which the two men compete to see who can provide the most orgasms to their spouse. Afterwards, the men drop off the ladies at an airport and tell them to behave on their vacation. Of course as soon as they land the two girls hook up with some aggressive Frenchmen. The men screw the duo, spike their drinks with knock-out pills and rob them blind. The girls are upset but find the bottle of pills and set out on a "sex crime" spree. Over the next few days they have every type of sex imaginable. But it always ends with the girls making spiked drinks for their lovers and then stealing their cash, jewelry, etc. A comical police detective is overwhelmed with victims coming to his office, usually half naked, to complain about the sneaky duo. A surprise ending allows the girls to enact a little revenge. Absolutely packed with crazy sex scenes and nudity including threeways, fourways, orgies, crossdressing and lesbianism. In one inexplicable scene the girls dress up in full nun's habit and seduce two Hasidic Jews! Lot's of silly humor and laughs in this one. Another J4HI! exclusive with zero reviews on the IMDB!

Note: onscreen title is Trouble in Paris

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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