DIRECTOR: Mino Loy (Women By Night)

STARS: Paolo Golino, Claudie Lang (Death Walks on High Heels), Ivano Staccioli, Jack Ary

SYNOPSIS: A Bruce Wayne-ish British millionaire spends his time fighting crime as the red mask and cape wearing "Flashman". He doesn't have any superpowers per se but instead relies on his advanced fighting skills, high tech gadgets and superior intellect. A master criminal gets his hands on an invisibility formula that enables him to commit larger and larger crimes. This provides lots of scenes with an invisible man carrying a gun, a bag of money or knocking someone over the head, etc. In addition to the usual collection of henchmen the villain joins forces with sexy femme fatale Claudie Lang. "Flashman" gets into fistfights, car chases, boat chases and serial-style cliffhangers. A comic relief British inspector is always one step behind and thinks "Flashman" is actually a bad guy. There's one jaw-dropping action piece done with miniature speedboats, an oil slick fire and a parasail that must be seen to be believed! The bouncy 60's score includes a memorable "Flashman" theme song. Written by the prolific Ernesto Gastaldi (The Whip and the Body, Day of Anger, All the Colors of the Dark, Torso, After the Fall of New York, etc). In dubbed English. WIDESCREEN

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Widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Flashman" : $20.00

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