(aka Private School Girls, aka Gefährlicher Sex
frühreifer Mädchen


DIRECTOR: Alois Brummer (There's No Sex Like Snow Sex)

STARS: Elke Hagen, Jutta Dorn, Gabriele Duppel

SYNOPSIS: The plot as such begins in a courtroom with the overseer of a girl's boarding school on trial for lewd behavior. He's accused of spying on the girls in the shower and from the bushes (where he pleasures himself). In the front row of the court are the girls making the accusation. They are 8 of the hottest looking Euro jailbait chicks you've ever seen. The film is broken into a series of vignettes as each girl stands up and tells her story (of corruption). The viewer sees the flashback which inevitably ends up with the girls naked and getting laid. Every location and position you can imagine: in a tent, on a boat, a rocky mountaintop, in a camper, in a field, etc. There's a few group sex scenes plus a couple of lesbian ones to boot. There's an unusual number of scenes of women (and men) naked in public: chasing each other through city streets, running through the forest, etc. All with the type of silly humor you'd expect from a "Private Screenings" style sexploitation entry. Another rarity we're selling with no reviews on the IMDB!

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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