( aka Desperate Target )



(1980 / 1971)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

DIRECTOR: Eyes of the Dragon: George Vieira / H-Bomb: Chalong Pakdeevijit

STARS: Eyes of the Dragon: Christopher Mitchum (Stingray, One Man Jury), Victoria Loveland, Mike Christy / H-Bomb: Christopher Mitchum, Olivia Hussey (Black Christmas)

SYNOPSIS: Two forgotten action imports with Chris Mitchum

Eyes of the Dragon: When a scientist with a formula for cheap energy disappears various groups try to find him: assassins from Russia, a group of mercenaries from Malta and trained killers from China. It's up to laid back American agent Chris Mitchum and his martial arts partner to get to him first. They quickly find the scientist, and his sexy blonde daughter, but the trip to safety involves hiking through mountains, driving down dirt roads and taking a boat ride. Not to mention fighting all the competing bad guys! Lots of explosions, a car chase, shoot-outs, a little martial arts and a few sex scenes fill the screen in this fun exploitation rarity.

Once again Chris Mitchum is enlisted to help a foreign country find a macguffin. This time it's a nuclear warhead that bad guys want for evil purposes. Ex-CIA man Mitchum gets help from a local Thai agent and his old flame Olivia Hussey. The usual espionage, fancy gadgets and double crosses fill the plot. Plenty of action with cars, planes, kung fu, sky diving, chicks with guns, shoot-outs and things that blow up real good.

Note: Onscreen title for
Eyes of the Dragon is "Desperate Target"

*For more see:
Target Eagle, Courier of Death, Ticket to Die, Revenge of the Godfather and Sudden Death

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Eyes of the Dragon / H-Bomb": $30.00

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