Double Feature




(aka Searchers of the Voodoo Mountain)

(1984 / 1985)

Special Two DVD Disc set!

The Final Executioner: Romolo Guerrieri (Sweet Body of Deborah) / Warriors of the Wasteland: Bobby Suarez (Cleopatra Wong, American Commandos)

STARS: The Final Executioner: William Mang, Woody Strode (The Professionals), Harrison Muller (Miami Cops), Marina Costa / Warriors of the Apocalypse: Michael James, Deborah Moore, Ken Metcalfe

SYNOPSIS: Two action-packed post apocalyptic entries from Italy.

The Final Executioner: This film is like The Most Dangerous Game crossed with Mad Max. After the apocalypse a handful of upperclass people, who avoided any contamination, have a game called 'The Hunt'. They basically cut loose a group of lower class unfortunates and then hunt them down for sport. We're introduced to psychopathic dandy "Erasemus" (a memorable Harrison Muller). He wears black leather with metal studs, a white scarf and favors a custom made white rifle! He has a friendly rivalry with another group of hunters including the sexy and dangerous "Edra". She and Erasemus even have a bet on who can kill more people! The first half of the film spends a fair amount of time with these villains and we see how they operate. Eventually they come upon our hero "Alan" and his female traveling partner. They chase them down and she gets brutally gang raped and murdered. Alan gets badly beaten and dragged behind a vehicle. Then they set him free so he can be hunted again. Half-dead he falls into a river and floats away. He wakes up in a safe haven with crusty survivor Woody Strode nursing him back to health. This is the best section of the film as the tough-as-nails Strode puts our hero through a grueling training process. It's unfortunate that Strode's role in the film wasn't bigger as his presence here is a real highlight. Now that he's better prepared Alan makes his way to the hunter's estate and begins his revenge which includes a good dose of psychological warfare. He knocks the hunters off one by one until the inevitable showdown with Erasemus. This one is action packed and the energetic electronic score is great!

Warriors of the Apocalypse: Our post-apoc group of men in this film wear way too much heavy leather to be wandering around a desert looking for water! In fact most of their outfits are hilariously inept. Overall Warriors is the cheesiest post-apocalyptic offering we have up for sale! This one ups the ante by adding magic and psychic powers to the mix. Our heroes (tough leader "Trapper", shades-wearing killer, wise old man, etc) have a few small battles before befriending an odd looking fighter named "Anuk". He tells them of 'The Mountain of Life' a jungle paradise with plentiful water and food. They decide to trust him and go along. In the jungle they come upon a tribe of face-painted pygmy natives who can easily heal themselves after being stabbed, shot, etc. This is almost a running joke as the little guys keep popping up at regular intervals. Eventually, Anuk leads them to the fabled place which turns out to be filled with oversexed Amazon women! This includes their princess who looks like Grace Slick. They find out too late that she's evil (and has psychic powers). They're thrown in a cool looking jail where the bars are made from giant teeth. The princess has a confidant who is helpful to the captives and gets them released for a little R&R as the Amazon women are hungry for some real men. He also shows the old man a hidden power source beneath the paradise. It's a nuclear generator run by a radiation scarred slave work force. Ultimately the confidant has a psychic showdown with the princess as laser beams shoot from their eyes in a scene you won't believe! Our heroes run back to the jungle followed by Anuk who has a grudge match battle with Trapper. This is definitely one of the kookier post apocalyptic entries!

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Fullscreen / Color (both films)

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

Buy "Final Executioner / Warriors…" : $30.00

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