(aka Adam & Nicole, aka Maid in Chains)


DIRECTOR: Trevor Wrenn

STARS: Michael Watkins, Jennifer Westbrook ("The Benny Hill Show"), Christopher Chattell (Hungry Young Women), Jeannie Collings, Mary Millington (The Playbirds), Karl Lanchbury (Vampires, Deviation)

SYNOPSIS: A group of oversexed Brits spend an action packed weekend waiting for their dead father's will to be read. Three brothers (one is the bastard child) plus the maid, a fiance and two stable girls are cooped up in a countryside estate for the weekend. The ultra rich head of the family has just died and his sons are killing time until they find out who gets the old man's money. This creates a lot of tension between the three men and the women as well. This isn't a comedic film but more light psychological drama. In between scheming to find the will the brothers screw everything in sight. Pretty much every character eventually has sex with one another including three lesbian hook-ups. One woman even manages, in a single day, to bed down one brother in the morning, one at lunch and the third after dinner! Every woman in the cast has a full frontal nude scene in this quite explicit British sexploitation entry.

Note: Onscreen title is "Maid in Chains"

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Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

YELLOW dvd case (above image is the front art)

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