DIRECTOR: Erotic Animation: Chuck Vincent (Hot T-Shirts, Blue Summer) / Adult Animation: various directors

SYNOPSIS: Almost 2 hours of "lost" short films for adults.

Chuck Vincent's Erotic Animation Festival - 4 extremely rare "Adults-Only" short films presented by director Chuck Vincent.

No Strings Attached: By most accounts Chuck Vincent did not direct the first two shorts. He simply presents them. And these first two are great ones! They combine claymation, dolls and toys in two dirty stop-motion winners. In No Strings a black father (G.I. Joe type doll) drives his son to a suburban house to sell cookies for his Boy Scout troop. Once inside the boy gets a look under the owner's sexy negligee. She ends up crotch first on the nervous kid's head until dad and his giant erection come to the rescue. They tag team her while outside the house an alien and a giant Indian head creature watch!

Le Toy Shop: In the sequel to No Strings we pick up where we left off as the jealous husband kicks out the father and son team who were banging his wife. They return home to an after-hours toy shop. A large devil head figure seems to run the show. All the toys come to life and wander to the "Adult's Only" section filled with dildos, vibrators and various sex gadgets. The climax comes when all the little toys battle a giant inflatable love doll, with vampire teeth, who walks Godzilla-like through the store! There are even some Star Trek dolls and a Hulk figure repurposed for the film. You've never seen anything like it.

The Appointment
(live action): This is probably the rarest of the batch. It looks like it was made in the late 60's. Shot in Black & White it's a tongue-in-cheek short that reminds me of Robert Downey Sr's early films. The plot has two adults getting together for a some afternoon delight but it's all done as a spy parody. They meet secretly under a seaside boardwalk and end up in a seedy hotel have marathon sex while the "William Tell Overture" plays on the soundtrack. Directed by Chuck Vincent.

Wild Honey
(live action): Very 70's looking short has a burly, bearded, lumberjack-type out in the forest cutting wood. A seeming crazed woman approaches with a shotgun and makes him strip naked while pointing the gun at his manhood. Ultimately, our hero gets the upper hand and teaches her a lesson. Directed by Chuck Vincent.

"Adult Animation" - A collection of 8 rare adult animation shorts:

The Censor
Desire Pie
Covered in Fleas
Malice in Wonderland
Night on the Town
Wild Times in the Wildwood
Random Positions
Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf

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Fullscreen / Color / Black & White

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

BLACK dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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