DIRECTOR: Rick Beairsto

STARS: Jillian Fargey, Daniel Allman, Anne Petrie

SYNOPSIS: Excellent made-for-(Canadian)-TV movie. This film explores the lives of runaway teens, hustlers and drug addicts on the streets of Canada in the mid-80's. We follow various characters like a young teen boy new to the streets, a seasoned gay hustler and a girl who escapes sexual abuse from home. Also in this story is a local newswoman interviewing the kids for a documentary. We see some real (street) footage as she pieces together her story. Adding to this mix of fiction and non-fiction is the casting of some real social workers trying to help out these lost souls. We see them interact with the actors as well as being interviewed by the newswoman. Cute Jillian Fargey is especially good as a young naive Michelle who quickly hardens into an experienced prostitute. This is not a campy so-bad-it's-good scare film. It has more in common with the 1984 documentary Streetwise. Lots of location shooting in the seedier parts of Canada (circa 1986). The IMDB has this in the "documentary" category but that's not really accurate. Another J4HI exclusive with zero reviews on the IMDB!

*For more see:
The Tender Age, Scarred / Drying Up the Streets, Operation Julie, No Prince For My Cinderella and Train Station PickUps

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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