DIRECTOR: Eloy de la Iglesia (Cannibal Man, El Pico)

STARS: Antonio Flores, Rosario Flores, Jose Luis Manzano

SYNOPSIS: Director Eloy de la Iglesia brings Los Olvidados into the 1980's with this gritty "quinqui" style look at lower class young adults in Spain. Three teens (a brother, sister and her boyfriend) live a somewhat carefree life smoking dope, having sex and playing video games in the slums of 80's Madrid. When the girl gets pregnant they are forced to find illegal means of making money to fix the problem. They try everything from gay hustling to robbing a store to drug smuggling in order to get enough cash for the abortion. They even have to think twice when the drug kingpin offers them big bucks if she does have the baby so he can sell it! The actors and locations feel very authentic and the film is documentary like in its approach. Filled with scenes of drug use, crime, prostitution and full frontal nudity (both male and female). This is not so much an exploitation film as some serious social commentary (albeit on a low budget). In Spanish with English subtitles. This print is slightly widescreen.

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Slightly widescreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

RED dvd case (above image is the front art)

Buy "Colegas" : $20.00

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