(aka Scream Free!)


Bill Brame (Cycle Savages)

STARS: Richard Beymer (West Side Story, Cross Country), Russ Tamblyn (Satan's Sadists, War of the Gargantuas), Lana Wood (Place Called Today, Speedtrap), Casey Kasem (Cycle Savages, Soul Hustler), Jody McCrea (Beach Blanket Bingo), Lindsay Crosby (Bigfoot), Joe Turkel (The Shining)

SYNOPSIS: The stars of West Side Story clash again. This time around peace loving hippies Richard Beymer and his girlfriend Lana Wood (Natalie's sister!) need some quick cash. They meet sleazy drug dealer Russ Tamblyn (basically reprising his Satan's Sadists character). He offers them money to sneak some pot over the border. Problems ensue when a government agent ends up dead. Casey Kasem and his pal are the real bad guys looking to get in on the action. The film throws in a little rape and some fun hallucination / trip scenes too. This one is a real rarity.

NOTE: Onscreen title is "Scream Free"

*For more see:
Fast Money, Soul Hustler, Stoned, Explosion, Big Score / Godchildren and Street Girls

Fullscreen / Color

Region Free NTSC dvd-R

GREEN dvd case (above image is the front cover art)

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